A funny thing happens when you're on a game show. As soon as the bright lights hit you, you tend to start forgetting things. When it's your turn to answer a question, you know the answer, but you can't think of the damn thing's name. Time's up! You have to answer. You blurt out an answer, and half a second later, you wish you hadn't said what you said. The audience starts laughing, and the host, a weathered pro, tells you that you lost money without actually saying the words "You're an idiot." This website is meant to showcase these moments. Don't worry, we're laughing with you.

Questions? Comments?

You want to send in a dumb answer? Great! You have audio to go with it? Even better! E-mail me with the question, answer, the show it was from, and the audio (encoded in MP3 format at less than 56 kbps) if you have it. Thanks!